Workshops & Events

Winter Break Kids Camp

December 23, 26, 27 & 30
5 to 12 years old

Life-enriching practice of yoga, dance, meditation, storytelling, bilingual storytelling, writing, musical games, sound healing and arts & crafts.

8am – 5pm $85 per day
8am – 12 pm $45 per day
Drop off at 7:45 am and pick up by 5:15 pm.

Before and after care options:
Drop off at 7am, extra $10 per day
Pick up at 6pm, extra $10 per day

Led by Bird Mejia. Bird is a certified Shakti Naam Yoga instructor and a former librarian. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and MLS in children’s librarianship, as well as extensive graduate work in psychotherapy. Bird’s first careers were working exclusively with children in social services and as a children’s librarian.

Camps must have a minimum of 5 participants. Children must bring a sack lunch and snack if staying for a full day.
Preregistration and payment required.
Please contact Bird at to register.

Sound Healing – Bird Mejia

Fridays at 7pm

$15 (introduction pricing)

Sound healing helps promote physical and emotional heal and well-being. Join Bird for a relaxing, rejuvenating evening – where all you need to do is lie down, relax and enjoy the beautiful experience and benefits.

Registration and prepayment required:

Transformation Magic NLP – Kal Jurdi

November 14th 7:00pm-9:00pm

NLP training is the quickest and most effective way to gain total conscious and unconscious control of the results in your life. With NLP, you’ll learn self-help techniques used by the likes of Tony Robbins, Sir Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Clinton. You’ll learn the skills of world-class communicators — becoming more influential and persuasive than ever been before. You’ll learn sales techniques of the best, including how to turn any objection to your advantage and how to close with the super-simple NLP Five-Step Sales Process. You’ll learn powerful social skills such as how to get into rapport with anyone in seconds. You’ll learn how to overcome negative emotions and limiting beliefs with TIMELINE INTERVENTION, conversational hypnosis and more.

There isn’t a single area of life that NLP doesn’t affect.

For more information on the trainer Kal, testimonies, and to register go to

Feng Shui Class – Olivia Veloso

November 16th 1:30-4:30pm – Investment $40

Register with Olivia at 480-266-4575

Each area of our home corresponds to a different part of our lives. Feng Shui is about the study of energy in our homes and how we can transform our lives: our health, relationships, knowledge, travel, our creativity and career; money & abundance. We can use this powerful tool to create positive energy in our sacred space and
transform destructive patterns that will balance our body-mind system.

Olivia will introduce you to the basic and most important principles, the ideals and treatments of this ancient practice that will allow the Chi to flow through your home and empower your mind, emotions, and your actions that will bring abundance, good health and happiness all around.

Live in harmony with your surroundings! Be sure to bring a blueprint or sketch of your home.

Self-Care Retreat – Bird Mejia

Sunday, November 17th 9am-4pm Investment: $145 ($125 if paid by 11/11/19)

Registration and prepayment required:

Self care is an important expression of self love. Join Bird Mejia for a weekend of beautiful self care.The day will include Morning Meditation, lesson on the Power and Importance of Breath and Sound Meditation, Heart Coherence (so you can live from a place of calm and tranquility and tap into the power of the heart), workshop on Reconnecting to Your Powerful Self, Plant-Based Lunch (gluten free and delicious, because Bird is a foodie – and will include Bird’s famous vegan Queso dip and a yummy dessert), Sound Healing/Chakra Healing and workshop on Following Your Bliss – Your Unique Hero’s Journey. Options available after the workshop for continued healing.

Plant Based Cooking Class for Foodies – Bird Mejia

Saturday, November 23rd 3pm-5pm

$28 (Registration and prepayment required)

Register at:

Before the holidays hit, learn how to incorporate more healthy, plant-based and DELICOUS foods into your life. Bird is a foodie, so she will discuss how she transitioned to going plant based while continuing to eat the foods she loves (like tamales and eggnog cheesecake!).  Bird will show you how to make vegan banana ice cream, a simple but powerful green morning drink, and her famous Queso dip that will please any crowd. She will also share her favorite cookbooks and websites and discuss how you can eat plant based and still eat the food you have always loved! Food samples will be given. 

Essential Oils ClassHomemade Holidays

Sunday, November 24th at 1pm – $10/person

Natural do it yourself holiday gift ideas with Young Living Essential Oils! We’ll be showing you how to make fun, easy and inexpensive gifts for the holidays. Recipes include Sugar Scrub, Infused Olive Oil, Decorative Hand Soap, Bath Soak, and Room Spray! You’ll even get to make your own Sugar Scrub to take home!

This will be a fun interactive class so invite a friend or two! Please RSVP by messaging us or on our Facebook page to ensure we have enough supplies for everyone.

Official Book Launch – “Wherever You Take Me” by Olivia Veloso

Saturday, December 14th 1:30pm – Free to Attend

Many times we don’t even know that we are in search of anything. Often we are not even aware that we are being guided to rediscover a greater person than we could
ever imagine ourselves to become.   
                — Olivia Veloso

Through her second book, Wherever You Take Me, Olivia’s intention is for her readers
to come to know, understand and accept what we are all about from the inside-out. She hopes to take you to another level of comprehension that transformation and conscious creation can unfold as effortlessly as taking a deep breath in, and then letting it out. Now you don’t see it, and now you do. And although the events that you are about to read in Olivia’s true story seem unrelated, you will find each piece will gradually fall perfectly into place: see how the right people come forward in perfect synchronicity to play their role. You will clearly see, as Olivia has, that everything is an integrated reality, and that we are all connected in one way or another — making up the big picture in every chapter in our lives.

Based on her most personal experiences and in her usual down-to earth, easy to relate
to manner, Olivia clearly shows us how she was guided to cross the line that separates us from who we have become back to who we’ve come to be: where controlling our
manifestations becomes unimportant, and our human need to feel deserving comes to
an end — and instead, feel a sense of belonging.

New Year New You Retreat – Bird Mejia

Saturday, January 4th 9am – 4pm

Investment: $155 ($135 if paid by 12/12/19)

How you start your new year is very important to creating the life – and you – you want. YOU deserve this! Join Bird for this magical New Year retreat. The day will be packed with life-enhancing learning to keep your body, mind and spirit aligned, healthy and prepared for a new year new you.

Registration and prepayment required: